1. Formation of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), kickoff meeting (TAC members and members of the research team), and regular meetings (TAC members and members of the research team).

2. Development of: 1) website, 2) implementation plan, and 3) service providers for stakeholder outreach and a product/service provider business model.

3. Development of a ground-based remote sensing instrumentation.

4. Collection of data, creation and management of a database of soil properties in wildfire areas.

5. Development of a probabilistic model decision support system utilizing logistic regression.

6. Report on the progress of the project, discussions during the meetings with the TAC, and results obtained during the project through 1) quarterly reports to the project sponsor and 2) a final report to the project sponsor. Rapid dissemination of results, as obtained during the project, to the stakeholders through peer-reviewed conference proceedings and archival journal articles.